The city of tomorrow in the children's room

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Let your child rediscover the city in the children's room on our sustainable play mat

Our play mat

and the perfectly coordinated wooden toys enable children to embark on an imaginative and sustainable journey of discovery through the city of tomorrow in their own children's room.

Immerse yourself in a world full of possibilities and discover the toys from Spielwende!

We are reinventing the playmat

Our play mat is more than just a simple mat, it is the key to a sustainable and future-oriented world. In contrast to the classic play carpet, which often only shows streets and buildings.
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    Global trends

    With various forms of mobility, the play mat becomes an unforgettable experience.

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    Sustainability learning

    The enclosed information material provides valuable knowledge about environmentally conscious behavior.

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    environmental Protection

    Wind turbines, photovoltaic systems and green roofs create an environmentally conscious cityscape.

Detailed watercolor drawings

sustainable production

Environmentally friendly packaging


Spielwende not only offers a sustainable play mat, but also suitable bicycles so that children can really let their creativity run wild on the play mat.

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The team behind Spielwende

We are Lena Stöcker and Philipp Walter, the Spielwende team! Our mission is to enrich children's worlds with sustainable toys that represent more than just the status quo.

No more playmats that only show buildings, streets and parking lots - we bring the city in all its diversity into the children's room! Because children should not only experience the city as a place for cars, but also as a place full of life, creativity and encounters.

Be part of the game changer and let's shape a better and environmentally friendly future together!

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